Wine List

Wines by the Glass and Full Bottle list



Prosecco, Flor   off-dry, effortlessly light & completely refreshing Italian bubbly, from the iconic Bastianich restaurant group

Sparking Rose, Maui Wine, “Lokelani”  a very pretty, off-dry, wonderfully refreshing bubbly from Maui.  What  away to start!



GREAT VALUES                                                               

Chardonnay, Los Padres  2015  (California)  a tasty, pure, minerally, wonderfully fresh & uplifting “mountain” grown Chardonnay

Riesling, Dr F Weins Prum “Estate” 2014 (Germany)  a refreshingly fruity, light, ethereal & delicious German white full of pedigree & class

CAFÉ/ BISTRO STYLED WINESmost apropos with our foods

(Viognier -Chardonnay) Vaucluse, Domaine de Durban (France)     GREAT VALUE–this wine captures the strength & structure of Chardonnay & the enticing perfume/florality of Viognier, all grown on an old, predominately limestone hillside.

Verdicchio del Castelli di Jesi, Azienda Santa Barbara  2015 (Italy)   a very tasty, masculine, savory, though light, minerally & refreshing “country” styled white wine from Italy’s east coast, typically served with regional seafood & light pasta dishes

Malvasia Bianca, Birichino 2013 (California)   a wonderfully/exotically aromatic & crisp white, just pure magic with our kinds of foods!

Dry Rosé, Eric Chevalier  “Grolleau”   2015  (France)    a dry, tasty, uplifting & wonderfully food friendly French pinkster from a 1 man show

Chardonnay, Costa de Oro “Santa Barbara”  2015  (California) a very mineral driven “think seashells”, wonderfully textured, uplifting style of Chardonnay from one of our absolute favorite family owned & operated wineries – a real one man show!


Moschofilero, Skouras  “Salto” 2016  (Greece)  an exotically aromatic, fresh & vibrant Greek STANDOUT, with an underlying, intriguing, savory stoniness & almost electric lime-ish nervosity. Yes, a very unique wine—produced from a heritage vine grown at higher elevations & fermented with wild yeasts.  WOW!

Mataòssu, Punta Crena Vigneto Reiné 2016   (Italy)    The true Mataossu grape variety is grown by one family in 1 village, on steep, rocky hillsides, located but 1000 meters from the sea. What a STANDOUT!




Cabernet Sauvignon, Ballard Lane “Paso Robles” 2014 (California)     a very tasty, lighter style of Cabernet—owned & farmed by a family since 1971

Zinfandoodle, Scherrer  (California)    a GREAT VALUE from one of our favorite winemakers.  This is Fred’s entry level red wine – we call it a casual, easy drinking, playful, old vine Zin, crafted by a Pinot Noir master

CAFÉ/ BISTRO STYLED WINES most apropos with our foods

(Aghioritiko blend), Domaine Skouras “Zoe” (Greece)  a VERY tasty, savory, intriguingly rustic, wonderfully food friendly Greek “country” red

(Grenache blend) KL “Languedoc” 2015 (France)    a VERY light, delicious, lip smackin’, gulpable southern French “country” wine—the very style served at neighborhood cafes & bistros along the Mediterranean

(Barbera blend) Rosso, Elvio Tintero  2015  (Italy)    a true Italian “country” red – tasty, fresh, easy, fun & gulpable – meant to drink with friends!


(Brachetto blend), Tenuta La Pergola “Il Goccetto” 2015  (Italy)    a tasty, exotically perfumed, lighter, rustic, friendly, terrific value from Piemonte. This has a very unique approach to being delicious, authentic & wonderfully food friendly.

Barbera del Monferrato, Cantine Valpane  “Rosso Pietro”  2015  (Italy)   a real throwback to the old days & a nearly forgotten, truly authentic style of Piemontese “country” red wine – savory, masculine, soulful & remarkable food friendly

(Carignan), Vinci “Rafalot Carignan Centenaire”  2013 (France)  a wildly rustic/feral, funk centric standout produced from a remote, fanatically organically farmed, hectare parcel of steep, rocky, wild countryside & its heritage 100 year old vines



(Cabernet-Petite Verdot-Merlot), Los Padres “Margarita Ranch”  (California)    a very tasty, classy, suave, Cabernet blend from the high elevation, fog laden hills of southern Paso Robles crafted exclusively for Hawaiian Airlines First Class Domestic service

Pinot Noir,  CF Wines “Santa Maria Valley”   2015  (California)    a very elegant, feminine, lovely, seductively textured Pinot – a style we love!!

Gran Durif, Caymus-Suisun  2016 (California)      a deep, lavish, opulent, masculine though wonderfully supple, done with Caymus winemaking & expertise.  If you want BIG & decadent, this one if for you.




Prosecco, Flor  (Italy)

Prosecco, Gregoletto “Sui Lieviti”  true, artisan Prosecco, done the old fashion way

Brut Rosé, Raventós i Blanc “De Nit” 2015 (Spain)–$56 wonderfully ethereal & pretty

Brut Rosé, Veuve Fourny  “Vertus Premier Cru”

Cristal, Louis Roederer 1999


“GROWER” CHAMPAGNES—SENSATIONAL, single estate, artisan, handcrafted specialties

Brut Rosé, Tenuta San Michele “Murgo—Metodo Classico” 2014 (Italy)  Mt Etna magic

Blanc de Blancs, Marc Hebrart “Premier Cru”

Vilmart Premier Cru “Coeur de Cuvee” 2005   a true icon




(Roditis-Malagouzia blend) Kir Yianni “Paranga” (Greece)   a stellar, “quietly” exotic, minerally, crisp & completely refreshing Greek “country” white

Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, Azienda Santa Barbara (Italy)  a very tasty, masculine, savory, though light, minerally & refreshing “country” styled white

Moschofilero, Skouras 2015 (Greece)  a fabulous Greek white with a mesmerizing personality & a surprising viscosity/richness.

Pinot Grigio, La Viarte “Colli Orientale”  2015 (Italy)  a tasty, mesmerizingly minerally standout – one of Italy’s finest!

Sylvaner, Manni Nössing “Südtirol Eisacktaler” 2015 (Italy)  a DRY, breathtakingly pure, wonderfully ethereal & minerally white from the Dolomites of NE Italy

Bellone, Casale del Giglio  “Lazio”  2016 (Italy)  a fabulous, tasty, more exotic scented, assertive indigenous Italian white from Lazio

Pinot Bianco, Terlan 2015 (Italy)  a dry, pure, absolutely riveting, completely uplifting & refreshing “mountain grown” wine

(Falanghina & Biancolella), Marisa Cuomo “Ravello” 2014  (Italy)  a SENSATIONAL standout brimming with rock & ocean nuances from the breathtaking Amalfi Coast

Ribolla, Movia “Rebula” 2011  (Slovenia) a very tasty, idiosyncratic, wild yeast fermented standout from a completely avant garde visionary

Moscato Bianco, Chateau Feuillet “Valle d’Aosta” 2015 (Italy)  what a real “find”!—exotic, uplifting perfume, with the rocky/minerally core of this high altitude site 

(Carricante blend), Sicilia Bianco, Vignetti Vecchio “Sciare Vive” 2016  (Italy)  “purely Mediterranean: smoke, resin, wild herbs, fennel, flowers, a tender touch of honey . . .  “ethereal and full of grace, this sophisticated Sicilian white ranks among the Mediterranean’s finest”

(Viognier) Condrieu, Faury 2015 (France) one of the most unique & interesting whites—exotic, mesmerizing, sophisticated & entirely otherworldly


Roséthere is a reason why top restaurants serve pink wines. They can make food taste better!

DRY Rosé, Mastroberardino  “Lacrimarosa” 2016 (Italy)  a very pretty, tasty, wonderfully food friendly Rose from the sun baked countryside of Campania

DRY Rosé, Les Pallières “Au Petit Bonheur” 2016 (France)  one of the finest, incredibly food friendly, absolutely delicious & captivating Pink wines in the world!




Poppy “Santa Lucia Highlands” 2013  a fabulous, new find, which over delivers for the dollar

Henri Perrusset “Macon Villages” 2015 (France)  one of our favorite French “country” white wines—tasty, mesmerizing & gulpable

Chablis, Olivier Savary “Vieilles Vignes”  2014 (France)  a truly pure, wonderfully transparent, mineral driven, refined French Chardonnay

Neyers “304”  2016  an absolutely stellar, really captivating, pure, riveting, standout Carneros born Chardonnay



Ancient Peaks “Santa Margarita Ranch”  2015  a very tasty, fresh, completely refreshing, minerally, “mountain grown” Paso Robles gem

Broadside  “Wild Ferment” 2015  tasty, wonderfully pure, fresh, uplifting, refined with a saline edge ideal for seafood dishes

Au Bon Climat “Sanford & Benedict Vineyard” 2013  one of the very best Chardonnays out of California, masterfully done with Old World sensibilities

Tyler “Sanford & Benedict Vineyard” 2011  one of the hottest ticket’s in town – a New Age superstar & California’s most iconic Chardonnay vineyard



Catena “Mendoza” 2014  here is a tasty, classy, stylish, “mountain grown” Argentinean Chardonnay

Mer Soleil “Reserve” 2015  for those looking for a lush, creamier, wonderfully layered style of Chardonnay from the Caymus group

Sbragia “Home Ranch” 2011  a lush, well rounded, oak laden Dry Creek Chard from iconic superstar winemaker Ed Sbragia

Patz & Hall “Dutton Ranch” 2015  an  iconic Russian River vineyard in the hands of a sizzling hot superstar—Magic!!!

Neyers “Il Novillero Vineyard” 2014  one of California’s best—this certainly would be Grand Cru if California had such a category     



Chanin ”Sanford & Benedict Vineyard”  2013  a mega-intense, masculine, savory, highly acclaimed chardonnay by phenom Gavin Chanin

The Hilt “Old Guard” 2013   a profound, REAL showstopper, Santa Barbara-n masterpiece from the Screaming Eagle group



2014 Patz & Hall “Hyde Vineyard”

2012 Rivers Marie “Thieriot Vineyard”

2009 Peter Michael “Belle Côte Vineyard”



Givry PREMIER CRU, Francois Lumpp “Petite Marole” 2014  a wonderfully pure, mesmerizing, oak laden, true artisan.  Old Vine standout!!

Montagny  PREMIER CRU, JM Vincent 2014  all about purity 

Chablis GRAND CRU , William Fevre “Bougros” 2012 (France)   world class Chardonnay in its purest & highly sophisticated style

Puligny-Montrachet PREMIER CRU, Domaine Cherisey “Chalumeaux” 2011  a SENSATIONAL Premier Cru done in an artisanal, classic style!!



Sauvignon Blanc, Mohua (New Zealand)  a captivating, vivacious, “bright eyed & bushy tail”, refreshing New Zealander

(Sauvignon Blanc), Cheverny, Dalaille 2016 (France)   a riveting, minerally, deliciously dry, effortlessly light, crisp & refreshing Loire Valley white

(Sauvignon Blanc), Sancerre, Hippolyte Reverdy “Ortus” 2009 (France)  one of the world’s finest Sauvignons, previously produced only in 2003 & 2005. WOW!

Sauvignon, Peter Dipoli “Voglar” 2014  experience one of northern Italy’s great talents, a secret largely guarded within Italy’s borders, until now

Albarino, Cambiata “Monterey” 2015 (California)  only 205 cases produced a wonderfully perfumed, mesmerizing, “bight eyed & bushy tailed” contemporary white

Müller Thurgau, CF Wines 2015 (Germany)  a VERY ethereal, refined, effortlessly light & minerally white—crafted by one of the world’s true masters

Viognier, Reynvaan “Foothills in the Sun Vineyard” 2014 (Washington state)  a lush, extravagant, medium full bodied, totally exotic & lavish, mesmerizing Washington standout

Riesling, Dr F Weins Prüm 2015 “Estate” 2015 (Germany)  

Riesling Kabinett, Gunderloch “Jean Baptiste” 2016 (Germany)

Riesling Spätlese, Haart “Piesporter Goldtröpfchen” 2007 (Germany)




CF WINES “Santa Barbara” 2011   elegant Cab crafted by a world class Pinot master

Charles Smith “Washington State” 2014

Hobo Wine Co. “Alexander Valley” 2013

Ancient Peaks “Pikake” 2013   What a discovery! Exclusively crafted for Hawaiian Airlines First Class International

Leviathan  2013  92 pts  a stellar, classy, masculine, well textured Cabernet blend from the former Screaming Eagle maestro

Gramercy Cellars “Columbia Valley” 2011 (Washington)   truly superb, elegant & suave–from Master Sommelier Greg Harrington

Scherrer “Scherrer Vineyard”  2006



Ancient Peaks “Margarita Vineyard”   GREAT VALUE!

Daou “Paso Robles” 2015

Spring Valley “Uriah” 2013 (Washington)

Daou “Reserve” 2013  a 93 point Paso Robles stud

Force Majeure “Collaboration I”  2013 (Washington)  a 93 pt masterpiece

Morlet “Mon Chevalier” 2010- former Peter Michael-er



Hidden Ridge “55% Slope”  2012  94 pts  mountain grown & Marco DiGiulio, former founding winemaker of Lokoya

Consortium “Napa Valley”  2014  pound for pound, a GREAT Napa Valley VALUE – from an all-star team collaboration



Selene “Napa Valley” 2005 Yes, a 2005… from the winery’s library!!!

Forman “Estate” 2012

Rivers Marie “Panek Vineyard” 2013 98 points



Mayacamas “Mount Veeder” 2010

Chateau Moulin “Canon-Fronsac”  2010  from the winery’s library

Château Gombaude Guillot “Pomerol” 2006  from the winery’s library



Vita Nova “Santa Barbara” 2012

Ancient Peaks “Santa Margarita Ranch”  a family owned, GREAT VALUE

Selene “Frediani Vineyard”  2013  one of California’s finest – crafted by an iconic, true “Hall of Fame” winemaker

Neyers “Napa Valley” 2010 MAGNUM



(Cabernet Franc) Domaine de l’Aujardière 2015  café style Loire Valley Cab Franc—wonderfully light, playful, tasty & gulpable, food friendly

(Gamay Noir), Beaujolais, Domaine Les Gryphées “Cuvee Le Paquet”  2015  A GREAT VALUE–pretty, stylish, light & gulpable, uber-au naturale minded “country” red

(Gamay Noir), Régnié, Charly Thévenet “Grain et Granit”  2013   a fabulous, wildly rustic, downright feral, uber-au natural, CRU Beaujolais from a true rising star

(Gamay Noir), Moulin-à-Vent, Stéphane Aviron “Vieilles Vignes” 2013 a masculine, unassumingly age worthy, more structured, earthy, organic, old vine Cru Beaujolais.

(Pinot Noir), Bourgogne, Gachot Monot “Chant de Muses” 2013  a very elegant, light & highly refined, classy French “country” style of Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir, Eric Chevalier 2015   very upbeat, ethereal & wonderfully delicious — AND as light as Pinot Noir can be

(Grenache) Cotes-du-Rhone, Gramenon “Laurentides”  2013  an UBER au natural, remarkably light, delicious & savory, radical, true artisan, French Grenache

(Gamay Noir), Fleurie, Jean Foillard  2014   a STANDOUT, provocative, masterful, tasty, UN-heavy, au naturale “game changer”



Poppy Wine Co. “Monterey” 2013

Landmark “Overlook”    a delicious, pretty, unpretentious, captivating, contemporary Pinot offering great value

Cambiata “Monterey”  2016   a tasty, pretty, VERY delicately nuanced, savory Pinot produced from very old, heirloom vines

WH Smith “Sonoma Coast”  2012  a GREAT VALUE – a savory, masculine, surprisingly light colored Pinot from a legendary winemaker

Costa de Oro “Santa Barbara”  2014   a very lovely, charismatic, seductively textured, UN-heavy specialty crafted from one of our favorites

Samsara “Santa Rita Hills” 2013   a masculine, suave, stylish thoroughbred from superstar winemaker Chad Melville

Tyler “Bien Nacido Vineyard” 2014 here is an absolutely lovely, feminine, captivating, classy, masterful Santa Barbara-n Pinot Noir

Neely “Hidden Block”  2012   a masculine, savory, provocative, classy, suave “mountain grown” star

Ancien “Jouissance” 2012  Russian River Pinot as it can be–elegant, classy, very pretty—from star winemaker Ken Bernards

Melville “Verna’s Vineyard” 2013  a sheer, VERY elegant, highly refined, classy, pretty style of Los Alamos Pinot

Rivers Marie “Gioia Vineyard” 2013   one of the true New Age superstars—gorgeous, masculine, masterful & majestic

Chapter 24 “Fire” 2013 (Oregon)  one of Oregon’s finest – so lovely, elegant, majestic, seductive & wonderfully pure



(Pinot Noir) Savigny-les-Beaune, Pierre Guillemot  “Vieilles Vignes”  2014

(Pinot Noir), Givry PREMIER CRU, François Lumpp “Petit Marole” 2014




Cannonau di Sardegna, Sella & Mosca “Riserva” 2013    (a Grenache descendent) a very delicious, lush, wildly rustic, intriguing, & food friendly Sardinian Riserva

(Nero d’Avola), Regaleali 2010    a masculine, tasty, savory Sicilian “country” red, all about the sun baked, wild countryside

(Uva di Troia) Nero di Troia, Botromagno    from the wild, sun baked Puglia country side – very savory, masculine, warming & hearty, though UN-heavy

Freisa del Monferrato, Cantine Valpane “Canone Inverso” 2015 (Freisa)   a thankfully classic, authentic, exotically perfumed, soulful Piemontese from a small, true artisan family

(Corvina) Corte Gardoni “Becco”    a very tasty, authentic, Lake Garda “country” red – an intriguing, blend of rustic fruit & exotic spice

(Sangiovese)  Chianti Classico, Poggio Scalette  2012  a VERY tasty, savory, wonderfully elegant, pure, refined, seamless Chianti Classico from a true Master

Barbera d’Alba, A & G Fantino “Dardi”  2016 (Barbera) undoubtedly one of the finest, authentic, family owned classics – masculine, surly, savory & provocative

(Sagrantino blend) Montefalco Rosso, Raìna 2011 (Sagrantino-Sangiovese)  a very tasty, pretty, transparent, virile, food friendly, classy style of contemporary Umbria

Frappato, Planeta “Vittoria” 2015 (Frappato)  a wonderfully perfumed, charming though masculine & savory Sicilian “country” red wines

(Aglianico/Pedirosso), Furore, Marisa Cuomo 2015 a very masculine, savory, classy thoroughbred from the Amalfi Coast, full of character & mojo

Barbaresco, Ceretto 2013 (Nebbiolo)  his highness–very stylish, provocative, aristocratic, all at a GREAT price!

Barolo, La Spinetta “Garetti” 2010  (Nebbiolo)  a very classy, majestic, complex, savory true Piemontese aristocrat!



Zinfandel, Peltier Station “Lodi”

(Carignane blend), Folk Machine “Parts & Labor” 2014   reminiscent of the field blends of Old—wonderfully delicious, tasty & remarkably food friendly

Dolcetto, Palmina “Santa Ynez Valley” 2013  an absolutely delicious, food friendly Italian look-a-like crafted by a Pinot superstar

Zinfandel, Edmeades “Mendocino” 2013

Malbec, Colome “Estate”2013   a  very masculine, sultry, aristocratic Argentinean Malbec from 5,000 to 10,000 feet elevation

Zinfandel, Carlisle “Saitone Ranch” 2011   a top gun, highly acclaimed, old vine (planted in 1895) Russian River Zin, crafted by a true superstar

Zinfandel, Scherrer “Zinfandoodle”   a very elegant, suave, old vine Zin, crafted by a Pinot master, which offers GREAT value & drinkability

Zinfandel, Edmeades “Gianoli Vineyard”  2014  a Zin with lots of bravado & savoriness – 1/2 planted in 1882 and 1/2 planted in 1997, grown at 1900 ft elevation

Syrah, Anthill Farms “Sonoma Coast” 2014   a truly superb, sultry, provocative, absolutely delicious, suave, UN-heavy Syrah crafted by a Pinot hipster

(Syrah blend), Daou “The Pessimist” 2014   a very tasty, sinister, masculine, savage, black beast from the dark side

(Carignan blend), Neyers “Sage Canyon” 2015   an absolutely delicious, rustic, foot-stomped, old vine blend, grown & made the old fashioned way

Syrah, Gramercy Cellars “Lower East” 2013  a very classy, elegant, masculine, wonderfully savory, suave & balanced red from Greg Harrington M.S.

(Syrah), Reynvaan “In the Rocks” 2013    a SENSATIONAL, showy, flamboyant, lavish, yet suave & classy 97 point thoroughbred

(Grenache blend) Scaggs  “Montage” 2012  a masculine, wonderfully savory, exotically spiced, “mountain grown” GSM from Boz Scaggs

(Syrah blend), Linne Calodo “Nemesis”   a very provocative, lavish, minerally complex & buoyant, highly sought after Paso stand out!



(Syrah-Grenache blend), Cabrières, Château des Deux Rocs “Les Crozes” 2013 (France)  a tasty, interesting, rustic “country” red wine, all about the sun baked, wild countryside it comes from

(Gamay Noir) Morgon, Stéphane Aviron “Côte du Py” 2013  (France)  a masculine, savory, age worthy, more structured, earthy, organic, old vine Cru Beaujolais.

Mourvedre blend), Lirac, Joncier “Les Muses” 2012 (France)a masculine, savory, virile, biodynamic French “country” red produced from old vines the authentic way

(Niellucciu blend) Patrimonio Giacometti “Cru des Agriate”  2014 (Corsica)  a wildly rustic, feral red – so wild you may to buy a 4-wheel drive truck & drive to the vineyard site

(Mondeuse), Arbin, Quenard “Terres Brunes” 2013 (France)  a very masculine, rustic, VERY savory, “mountain grown” stud grown in the foothills of the French Alps

(Grenache blend), Clos Pissarra “El Ramon” 2010 (Spain)  a masculine, savory, rustic, peppery, oak laden Priorat heathen from Master Sommelier Emanuel Kemiji

(Tannat blend), Irouléguy, Arretxea 2012  (Basque)  a feral, tough, bordering heathen, masculine, savage, red, all about a black grape & a wild countryside.

(Carignane Grenache-Mouvedre blend) Fitou, Les Milles Vignes “Cadette”  2012 (France)  a delicious, wild & soulful, UBER au natural produced red, which truly captures the remote & wild countryside

(Mourvedre blend), Bandol, Domaine de la Tour du Bon 2012 (France)   an eccentric blend of power, finesse, charm & wild, heart wrenching rusticity from Provence

(Mourvedre blend), Bandol, Gros Nore 2008 (France)   a 2008 standout from Provence—wildly rustic, feral, masculine, lustful, soulful, authentic, inspiring

(Cabernet-Mourvedre-Syrah), Grange des Peres 2011 (France)   undoubtedly one of the most revered, unique & sought after red wines of southern France




Cabernet Sauvignon

Jonata “El Desafio” 2010   from the Screaming Eagle group                      

Behrens “Crowley Vineyard” 2010

Favia “Cerro Sur” 2010   former Screaming Eagle winemaker!

Dalla Valle “Maya” 2008   96 points

(Merlot blend), Vérité  “La Muse” 2010

Levy McClelland “Napa Valley” 2008   Bob Levy, winemaker of Harlan

Shafer “Hillside Select” 2006 97 points

Harlan 2011

Harlan 2001 100 points



(Pinot Noir), Patz & Hall “Jenkins Ranch”  2013

(Pinot Noir), Littorai “Savoy Vineyard”  2013

(Pinot Noir), Chapter 24 “The Last Chapter”  2013  Oregon’s finest!

(Pinot Noir), The Hilt “Old Guard” 2013    95 pts—one of California’s finest!

(Pinot Noir), Paul Lato “Lancelot—Pisoni Vineyard” 2011

(Syrah Blend), Reynvaan “The Contender” 2012 98 points

(Syrah Blend), Saxum “Heart Stone Vineyard” 2012

(Pinot Noir), Spätburgunder, Fürst “Schlossberg GG” 2011 (Germany)   a VERY elegant, refined, highly sophisticated German standout by 2003 “Gault Millau Winemaker of the Year”




Chablis PREMIER CRU, Raveneau “Butteaux” 2013

Chablis GRAND CRU, Raveneau “Valmur” 2009

Chablis PREMIER CRU, Raveneau “Monte Tonnerre” 2009

Chablis GRAND CRU, Dauvissat “Les Preuses” 2013

Chassagne Montrachet PREMIER CRU, Colin Morey “Baudines” 2013

Puligny-Montrachet, Jean-Marc Vincent “Corvée des Vignes” 2013

Meursault PREMIER CRU, Ente “Clos Ambres” 2013

Meursault, PREMIER CRU, Colin Morey “Charmes” 2013

Meursault, Roulot “Meix Chavaux” 2012

Meursault PREMIER CRU, Coche Dury “Caillerets” 2014

Meursault PREMIER CRU, Coche Dury “Perrieres” 2013

Batard Montrachet GRAND CRU, Paul Pernot 2005

Corton Charlemagne GRAND CRU, Domaine Dublere 2005   every wine list should have a wonderful new discovery like this to try

Corton Charlemagne GRAND CRU, Coche Dury 2008




(Pinot Noir), Gevrey Chambertin, Tortochot 2013

(Pinot Noir), Vosne-Romanee, Jean Grivot 2012

(Pinot Noir), Aloxe Corton PREMIER CRU, Follin Arbelet “Vericot” 2003

(Pinot Noir), Nuits St Georges PREMIER CRU, Meo Camuzet “Aux Murgers” 2006

(Pinot Noir), Chambolle Musigny, Perrot Minot “Vieilles Vignes” 2005

(Pinot Noir), Volnay PREMIER CRU, de Montille “Les Champans” 1995

(Pinot Noir), Morey St Denis PREMIER CRU “Clos de la Bussiere” Roumier  2004

(Pinot Noir), Charmes Chambertin GRAND CRU, Dujac 2008

(Pinot Noir), Vosne-Romanee PREMIER CRU, Meo Camuzet “aux Brulees” 2006

(Merlot Blend), Château Hosanna “Pomerol” 2003 93 points

(Merlot Blend), Château Gazin “Pomerol” 2000

(Merlot Blend), Château La Conseillante “Pomerol” 1998

(Cabernet Blend), Château Branaire Ducru “Margaux” 2003    

(Cabernet Blend), Château Pichon Lalande “Pauillac” 2006

(Cabernet Blend), Château Grand Puy Lacoste “Pauillac” 1996

(Cabernet Blend), Chateau Calon-Segur “Saint-Estephe” 2000

(Cabernet Blend), Château Latour “Pauillac” 1995 96 points

(Syrah), Cornas, Clape 2009 98 points

(Syrah blend), Cote Rotie, Guigal “La Mouline” 2003 100 points

(Grenache blend), Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Vieux Telegraphe “La Crau”  2007

(Mourvedre blend), Bandol, Tempier “Cabassaou” 2008



Chianti Classico Riserva, Fontodi “Vigna del Sorbo” 2010  95/98 points

(Sangiovese di Lamole) Il Carbonaione, Poggio Scalette  2010

(Sangiovese-Merlot), Fonterutoli “Siepi” 2011  94/97 pt Super Tuscan

(Corvina Blend), Quintarelli “Ca’ del Merlo”  2008

(Montepulciano), Kurni, Oasi degli Angeli 2009

Barbaresco, La Spinetta “Starderi” 2006

Barolo, Fontanafredda “La Villa” 2000

Barolo Riserva, A & G Fantino “Dardi” 2007

Barolo Riserva, Bruno Giacosa “Falletto” 2000  100 points

Barolo, Giacomo Conterno “Cascina Francia” 2007

Angelo Gaja “Sori San Lorenzo” 2007   98 points



(Tempranillo blend)  Unico, Vegas Sicilia  2008



Grenache, Sucette “Vine Valley” 2014    90 year old, own rooted vines

(Shiraz), Hundred Acres “Barossa Valley” 2006   the magic created by Barossa Valley grapes & one of California’s cult Cabernet specialists

(Shiraz Blend), Grange, Penfolds 2004    99 points