“A Dinner with Mia Klein of Selene” Friday, Nov 4th 6pm

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Superstar winemaker, Mia Klein, is coming back to Hawaii in early November and will be joining us AGAIN at VINO!  We are so honored to have this Napa Valley wine making guru coming back to VINO to share her wines and expertise with us. 

Just so it is clear, this is a completely different event from the wine tasting we are doing with Mia at Vino on October 27th (which is sold out) and to make sure, it is a different opportunity for Napa Valley wine lovers and Selene followers, we will be doing a dinner, featuring some Selene wines and VINO Chef Keith Endo’s foods. 

I am always so amazed how incredibly low keyed Mia is, despite her superstar status.  She is definitely a “Hall of Famer” in my book and should be a house hold name because of her work with an illustrious, star studded list of Napa Valley “trophy” wineries, such as Dalla Valle, Araujo, Spottswoode, Etude, Viader & Palmaz, just to name a few. 

There is no denying that her very own Selene wines justifiably standout on their own.  They are some of the very BEST from the Napa Valley and on this night we will see why, first hand.  (Just so you know, even though 1991 was the first vintage for her Selene label, Mia did not commercially produce a Cabernet Sauvignon driven wine under the Selene label until 2002, so there would be no perceived conflict of interest with the clients she consults for). 

This certainly will be one of those epic, memorable nights of tasting “library” wines with a true Master with our Vino food.  Don’t miss out.  We think this will show you a whole new perspective on the Selene wines.


Herbed Goat Cheese Bruschetta grilled leeks

Celery Pesto Shrimp pickled shishito peppers

Crispy Brussels Sprouts pancetta & diced apples  

3oz 2013 Selene Sauvignon Blanc “Hyde Vineyard”

100% Sauvignon Musque from the iconic Hyde Vineyard down in Carneros  

Grilled Marinated Short Rib

roasted Roma tomatoes, Ali’i mushrooms, baby arugula & anchovy vinaigrette  

4oz 2006 Selene “Chesler”  Selene

A true Cabernet Franc based star from the Frediani Vineyard near Calistoga which clearly showcases the huge potential this grape variety has.  

Sous Vide of Lamb

wild mushroom risotto, Swiss chard, peppercorn sauce & chimichurri  

4oz 2005 Selene Cabernet Sauvignon “Napa Valley”

Stagecoach Vineyard  

Strawberry Panna Cotta

mango sorbet  

$93 a person (not including tax or gratuity). By Reservations only….524-8466 or email Ann at ataketa@dkrestaurants.com