“A Special Dinner with our Oliva Nera Friends from Venice, Italy”

Wednesday, December 30
6:00 pm

Last January, we did a special night with Isabella Zambon & her 2 children—Jessica & Filippo Coro.

Well, they’re back!!!!!

They have become such dear friends over the years & we have watched Jessica and Filippo grow up and blossom. They all really warm my heart.  A few years ago, on a trip to Venice, we discovered that their restaurant, Osteria Oliva Nera,  is regarded as the one of the finest restaurants in Venice and Cheryle and I had two great meals there.  Upon returning ,we were also amazed at how many Hawaii people have dined there too and every year, when the Coro’s came to Honolulu thereafter, their Hawaii friends would get together with them in VINO on a special night. So many people have asked us, especially recently, when are you doing the Isabella dinner?  Well,  this is that special night!

Rather than asking Isabella to cook, VINO Chef Keith Endo has come up with a special menu and I have come up with the wine pairings, featuring wines from their area. For all who know Isabella, Jessica & Filippo, here is your chance to say hello.  For those who do not know them, here is your chance to savor some of Chef Keith’s foods AND meet some very special people, (which may come in handy if you plan to go to Venice in the near future).


aperitif—3oz Sommariva Prosecco

A toast to Dino



(served family style)

Crispy Fried Cauliflower-cumin aioli, zatar brown butter

Grilled Hau’ula Baby Bok ChoyMarcona almonds, cranberries & shaved pastrami

Sliced Marinated Porkwith charred asparagus

WINE: 3oz Corte Gardoni Bardolino “Chiaretto”


Garlic Shrimp

served with garlic, fennel, sun dried tomatoes, white wine & clam jus

WINE: 3oz Corte Gardoni Bianco di Custoza


Roasted Beef Braciole

stuffed with prosciutto, raisins, herbs & parmesan cheeseserved with oxtail ravioli, Swiss Chard & pine nuts

WINE: 3oz 2009 Quintarelli Primofiore


Roasted Banana & Chocolate Tiramisu

with mango sorbet

$56 a person (not including tax & gratuity)  

wine pairing—additional $26 per person

By Reservations only….524-8466 or email Ann at ataketa@dkrestaurants.com