Wine Dinner with

Donald Patz of Patz & Hall Winery

Tuesday, December 6   6;00 pm

I first met Donald Patz back in the 80’s and he and three others launched their Patz & Hall Chardonnay “Napa Valley” with the 1988 vintage, I was all in, mainly because it was really so different from anything else out of California.  The 1988 was so virile, masculine, swashbuckling, yet classy and very sophisticated.  Here we are twenty six years later and we have the opportunity to taste some of their newest releases AND some wines from their own library, all with the incredible “insider’s” knowledge and insight of this brilliant wine mind and long time friend Donald Patz.  Yes, this has the makings of a truly special night!!!  Click HERE to view the menu and details and all upcoming VINO events.